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Due to client restrictions I have been unable to post any animations or stills from the past 3 years of my current job unfortunately. I can send password protected links to work in an email request to

This is a reel cut from work done in my first 4 years out of school (its not been 8 years since then!). A lot of my work has been done for the automotive industry, but I also have a few snippets of my Short film environment work, along with just a few of the many shots I worked on for a feature film. My modeling is all primarily done in Maya with a little bit of Zbrush. Render engines I used were Mental Ray, Vray, and Keyshot. Short film environment shots were done in realtime in CryEngine.


The Lord Inquisitor – Fan Made short film

Jinn – Exxodus Pictures

GM content- Property of GM (Created at The Quintek Group)

Ford Content- Property of Ford (Created at The Park/Team Detroit)

Music : Skrillex – Bangarang

I was lucky enough to help Erasmus with modeling, and texturing various assets for this amazing fan made realtime piece.

The first 8 minutes of The Lord Inquisitor, a full CGI short movie set in the universe of Warhammer 40k. Created and Directed by Erasmus Brosdau. This project was created entirely in spare time without any budget.

Our new teaser came out for the short film The Lord Inquisitor. I was an environment modeler on this fun and exciting project. What makes this teaser something very different is we rendered it entirely in realtime in CryEngine, it can be watched up to 4k!

This was a 3 week rush project that I did all the CG for and fellow compositor and co worker Brian Losey did all the post for. This was for a GM ride and drive event and currently on GM Media’s website.

I worked on these 2 Chevrolet Spark animations for an event prior to the original release of this car. We had to keep in mind that they werent revealing too many style cues and details on the car so we went with a more stlyized look in this animation. Credt: Ben Marouski (3d), Shawn Sheehan (3d Comp), Brian Losey (3d Comp).

(please click link to go to Studio Vimeo)

The Buick Regal Hyperstrut piece we did at the studio finally went up for the public on Buicks site. All CG was done by myself and Justin Kirk as my right hand man. With some awesome compositing and motion graphics by Shawn Sheehan, and Brian Losey. Buick gave us the reins creatively to have our way with the animation, which was nice for a change!

MINI Concept Art 360 spin – (Concept art by Robert Schlueter):

I along the fellow artists Ive worked with, especially Erasmus Brosdau (Cg Lead, Director, writer) Are proud to announce the release of The Lord Inquisitor cg-animation trailer! So far the project has been going on for 1.5 years and we hope to be finished with the short in 2014. This has been made by Fans for the Fans! Hope you enjoy . Please follow our blog and our facebook page.


This is the trailer of the first Movie I had worked on, There is some modeling, car animation, character animation, and matchmoving I worked on all in this trailer. The movie is releasing 4.4.14

Here is a studio sample I along with fellow Mo-Graph Artist Brian Loesey did as a fun quick promo spot. All cg assets modeled, textured, animated and lit by me.

Here is the Motion/Animation Reel for 2013 while working at The Quintek Group, 3d/comp artists consisted of myself, Shawn Sheehan (Lead), and Brian Losey.

Here is my student demo reel for 2010. I am hoping to make a show reel soon with assets I’ve worked on since at this studio, and done on my spare time since I cut this reel for graduation last year. Scroll down for other projects I’ve worked on that have been publicly posted by the clients.

This was a team project me and 4 other friends did for Evolves CG’s Hunter student challenge. I was an environment artist on the team doing modeling and texturing. Hope you enjoy it!

This was one of the first Animations for the 2012 Buick Lacrosse I was the CG lead for at The Quintek Group (more recent ones not yet released to the public). Art direction, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting,Animation.

Solo CG artist for GM’s motor 101 video. Compositing/Mo Graphics done  by Shawn Sheehan.

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